Religious Lies: Divorce, Dating and Christianity

Divorced and Distraught

I remember as a young christian woman, newly divorced, I was distraught. When I sought the bible for help and direction it first seemed to condemn and punish a divorced woman to loneliness and sorrow. 

The scripture said she could never marry again. At the time, I had no idea my interpretation was incorrect. It was only when two Jewish or Christian people married did this apply. So I rebelled and in misery walked away from the Church because I did not know to seek ministerial counseling.

Divorced and Dating?

Unfortunately, the christians I talked to all agreed to my misinformation that I was doomed. I was a 26 year old looking at God condemning me to being single forever, because my abusive husband committed adultery, had a child on me and left our family.

 So I went back into the world and tried it in sin.Previously, I had led my mother, friends and their family to Christ and the Rock Church. But I had lost all faith that God loved women after this debacle and farce. I became utterly dejected and bitter from the ignorance bred by religious Christians in my life who were to blame. I didn’t have a computer or internet, this was 20 years ago. 

Baby Mama Blues

 My ex husband had been my second relationship ever. I was young and naive so after he left, in fear, confusion, and loneliness  I resolutely ended up in several more abusive and broken relationships thinking, this was as good as it gets for a used woman.  Now, I am a twiced divorce, single mother of not one, but four children. 
This has been the plight of many single divorced christian mother’s.We are the young widows the Bible speaks of that need to marry rather than burn with desire and gossip. 

Too bad no one told us our heroine is Ruth. She was a widow, a Moabites bitch, is what they called her. And God married her to the richest, most respected and godly man because God measures faith not our tattered past. 

Unsaved Husband

When you are a Christian woman married to a man who does not practice Christianity your marriage is not bound by the spiritual covenant of the authority of Christ. So the laws of till death do you part don’t apply. 

Being a Christian is not about a label. It’s about being in a committed relationship to serve Christ in your life and relationships. If you break that vow you will reap the consequences. That’s basic law of attraction. 

Sinful Marriages, Christian Divorces

My marriages streamed from sin, not salvation. What was born of the flesh thus died of the flesh. It’s karma and it’s Biblical.  My mariage failed because God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ were not given access to govern or bless our union. When I got saved in my first marriage God blessed me with His grace, but to Christ I was married to a dead thing. 

Praying For Your Marriage

As I prayed for my marriage two things happened. First, I anointed my house with oil, prayed over my husband while he slept, and gave my tithes. Satan responded by leading him to adultery.

 Finally, God rescued me from that doomed marriage by keeping me safe, but allowing Satan to have my husband. My husband had free will. He chose his flesh and destroyed our marriage. 

Years later he married his mistress. I forgave them both, and came back to church to heal, still thinking I was doomed until my new Pastor at Jesus People Life Changing Church set me free. 

My ex husband and girlfriend experienced three miscarriages after the birth of their son. Six weeks after finally marrying her she died. My ex’s life slowly unraveled into poor health,depression, and financial failure. 

A Fool, A King and A Prophetess

That is the consequence of chasing the flesh. Satan will try to lure you with glittering green eyes and blonde hair  only for it to lead to death. The biblical example of this is Prophetess Abigail.

 She was married to Nabal, a fool. Nabal dropped deadof a heart attack due to his gluttony. This freed Abigail to marry David whom shortly after marrying her became King. 

So there are examples in the Bible for divorced women. Christian women put away from their unsaved husbands are like widows. But unfortunately,  for those that seek the church for grace and mercy still shame and lies are extended instead.

How False Religion Destroys Lives

Black Single Families

 Such was  given to me, and when I found truth it was too late. I was already pregnant with my third child, going on my second marriage. During that pregnancy I was shamed and brought in front of the church to apologize for creating him.
This is the damage that false religion, and Biblical mistranslations can do. It literally ruins generations of families and millions of women’s lives all over the world. 

And we wonder why the son of a pimp, with a pimps regard to women, was voted president? These types of Christians are who voted him in! 

New Leaders, New Hope

Florida Pastors

We need christian leaders like my pastor, at Alive Church, who studies and researches the Bible for himself. A pastor that seeks truth, loves everyone and isn’t afraid to say it. I have been blessed with an amazing church who loves me as I am, and pushes me towards greatness.

 That’s why I love my spiritual leadership. I am a volunteer in the television broadcast ministry and actively involved in my Single mother’s group. I am blessed with christian leadership that seeks to love and not shame or condemn people for their mistakes. 

Esther And Ruth Generation

Christian Single Mothers

We also need women like myself, Esther’s of a new generation,  which have been misled, traumatized and overcome false religiosity, to speak out! Women that will lead our faith in love for all humankind and help heal women and girls in the church, robbed of their divinity by misogynist wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

And we need christian leaders not ashamed to call God Mother too, and teach the amazing truth that women are the face of the Holy Spirit Mother, as Mary was, and that God calls divorced women FREE to marry again in Christ. 

It is time to end church propaganda which degrades women, misleads and destroys lives. It is time to purge the church of all that does not equate to love. We need more Esthers, Naomis, Ruths, Rahabs, Hagars, Abigails, Marys, and women at the well.

 Who’s with me?

Molecules of Magic and Atoms of Amazing love to you all!!! 


 The Good Witch


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  1. angelicwords says:

    Miss Ostara, you have no idea how this has blessed me!!! Thank you so much! I had considering leaving my husband after he was abusive towards me but then he chose Jesus. So now I can rest in that our vows are good and true. And now I know I am free of guilt and condemnation from my first marriage failing as he wouldn’t believe in Jesus. What wisdom you have just shared with me. God bless you sweetie!!!

    Love and angel blessings, Rachel


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome. I understand completely how you feel. It’s a difficult journey but God can do it!


  2. Amen
    I have a similar story
    I was saved five years into my first marriage. My husband at the time hated anything to do with Jesus and would abuse me for it. I was told to love more submit more blah blah blah… Finally God set me free he kicked me out of our house with no car, no money, no job and my son and I were on the verge of being homeless. Well God opened a door and I was able to live for six months in a friends garage. It was like an efficiency. God provided a part time job. Shorty after my divorce I meet my Boaz and he has truly been used by Jesus to heal my heart. We moved to where his family is and we are starting our new beginning. However I had to leave my son behind and I only get visitations because I wasn’t able to afford to take care of him and the court wouldn’t allow to relocate with him, this is due to a terrible legal aid. I pray one day he will be reunited with us and justice will finally be served. I lost who I thought were friends in the process because they believed I didn’t have biblical grounds to divorce and was condenmed by them. I am thankful that God set me free from my ex and the false doctrine at the same time. Maybe you could share your testimony on the cry for justice blog. They target on the injustice within the church dealing with Abusers and the victims, especially within marriage.
    God bless

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. Your testimony and pilgrimage is remarkable. Blessings!!


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