Happy Holidays and Hurricane Survival From Ostara

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Hurricanes with Magick

I miss you all very much! I hope that your holidays are MAGICAL! I’m almost finished with my book Slave Girl to Glorious Queen. The journey has been an ardurous one this year. My family and I survived two hurricanes!!!

Hurricane Harvey for my mom in Texas and Hurricane Irma. Many of you who follow my blog know that I have  many spiritual gifts. Weather control is one of  them. I didn’t find out about the Hurricanes until Harvey hit Texas. My mom didn’t want to worry me, and I was in transition from my old delipidated home to a beautiful townhouse in a swanky neighborhood.

So once I found out, Harvey and flooding hit! Of course, I went into spiritual battle mode. But I didn’t understand fully my own power! In my anger at the Hurricane I split them into three. Well, honestly I was directed by Spirit to do so, to save all of Texas, and my mom. If I hadn’t Texas would’ve been wiped off the planet! Straight up!

Since I split Harvey, he came after us in Florida. My town of Gainesville was hit directly because Harvey was angry. The daemon spirit behind the hurricanes are real!!! I had to travel to Heaven and get angelic assistance for Harvey and Maria, the last hurricane. I realized I could not do it alone anymore. I also sounded the gong for prayer warriors in my church and everywhere.

By the time the angels and all of my prayer partners finished praying Harvey limped out of Gainesville and Maria soon after her little tizzy also dissipated. Note to self: don’t split a hurricane!

Energy Work for Mother Earth


My prayers are still with those rebuilding from the horrors of 2016. The hurricanes and fires, even in California now! We are in much need of spiritual warriors gifted with weather control to join with the angels to heal Mother Earth.

She really needs your help and love! We can literally sew up ozone layers, soothe and lend a hand to the weather angels. Also Witches have to stop summoning them from off their posts to call in the quarters. You merely have to praise God and meditate on the Lord Jesus to fill yourself with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Master Builder 2018 

Jesus Christ is a miraculous gift! He was sent to show us our true selves and that the greatest power lies within our hearts and minds. We don’t need totems of magic or rituals to master the universe. We are the universe. First, master your mind. Align your heart with Holy Spirit. She is the source of all life.

2018 is a Master Builder year! I will be doing a Master Builder⚒✍🕸🏺☘series here and on my other blog Here Is Beam. Meander over, hit follow and subscribe to get your architecture blueprint to rebuilding your new year!!!

Love and kisses,






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