Music Loves Prophecy

 In 2018 a Master Builder ⚒ must be very mindful of their partnerships and alliances, so they can build their legacy.  Do your partnerships enhance or divide you from your Divine purpose in the Kingdom of God? 
 Music & Prophecy Fall In Love 

I have noticed a pattern in my life. Musicians are very attracted to me. The last three relationships I had, including my ex-husband of ten years, were musicians, or came from a musical family, or music somehow connected us together. The last two men that have approached me to date, are also musicians. 
As I pondered this I realized; since I have the gift of prophecy, and am namely a Prophetess, that music deeply loves the gift of prophecy. Somehow a musical soul finds himself gravitating towards me and vice versa. 

I looked in the Bible for precedence and found that music is a catalyst for prophesy and miracles. I wonder if Jesus sang? Music seems strangely absent in His story. Satan was the creator angel of music. He became so puffed up with pride at his ability it caused him to fall from Heaven. Maybe that’s why Jesus used no music for his prophecy or healing. He was above it. 

Nonetheless, spirit led music can spark a deep emotional response in our hearts that opens us up to the move of God. It unleashes our souls, shifts our brain from left to right and we tap into the intuitive side more easily. 

Prophetic Musical Scripture 

1 Samuel 10:4 – And it will happen when you have come there to the city that you will meet a group of prophets coming down from the high place with a stringed instruments, a tambourine, a flute, and a hap before them; and they will be prophesying.  Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man.

The prophets were traveling with their instruments.  They were walking along playing music and prophesying.  A musical atmosphere can set up a prophetic atmosphere. The Spirit of God flows in music.

2 Kings 3:15 – When the minstrel (instrumentalist) played, the hand and power of the Lord came upon Elisha and he prophesied.

Angels Love Music

King David was a musician and also prophesied. All of Heaven dearly loves music and prophetic praise can speak life over you and transform your future! Be mindful of the songs you sing. Songs are the strongest form of affirmation on the planet. What are you decreeing over your life? 

As a Master Builder for 2018, you must utilize all of the tools Holy Spirit provides you. Prophetic Music is a powerful tool to align you with Spirit, hear a divine message from God, and speak your future into existence. This is one of the great secrets I’ve gained from attending Alive Church in Gainesville, Florida. There is power in praise of that name Jesus!!! 

Even when I was a psychic medium, I sang to God before I began each session. I didn’t know that music enhances prophecy then, it just came naturally. Now I know I’m not a “medium”, I’m a child of God, and High Priestess of the Holy Spirit. But I still innately was led to praise first before I decreed. 

Tribe of Judah

Judah was the tribe of praise. They led the worship of God and also were the frontline of every war. Mary, mother of Christ was part of the tribe of Judah, but also a Levite. Her great great great grandfather was Aaron, brother of Moses.   The High Priests granddaughter carried within her the child of God, the most Holy of Holies and She became the living Ark of the Covenant. 

Joseph, the carpenter, was of the line of Judah. When praise enters into the Holy of Holies great miracles occur. Praise (Joseph) married the Priestess (Mary) and raised the Promise (Jesus) to fulfill the Prophecy! 

So it seems, Praise will always find it’s Priestess. And it seems I will always attract the musicians because they are drawn to the prophetic power within the holiest of courts within my heart. 

What is your tribe? Where do you belong? Are your partnerships promoting your dreams and driving you further to fulfilling your call? 

Write in and let me know. 

Hot Cocoa Kisses & Sugar Plum Dreams..

Love, Ostara 


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