Master Builder Series: Dream Team Wanted 

Build Your Dream Team

No one is an island. A #masterbuilder knows you are only as strong as your team. Everyone plays an integral role, from the housekeeping department to the CEO. The cornerstone of success is treating everyone with honor in the same degree. The truth of the matter is, how you treat others is a reflection of yourself. True success dwells within self growth…not outward accomplishments.

Dream Team Success Tips

1. Create a mission built from vision

You have to have a vision of success. A leader can’t govern and advise others without sight. If you don’t know where your going, the items needed for nourishment and the necessary tools to get there the people that follow you will perish.

2. Build with a plan

A plan of action is a must! If you don’t have a plan to bring your vision to life it will turn to ash. So be creative, gather your resources and create your battle plan of action!

3. Choose your team wisely

You should have two teams. The first team should possess skills that reflect your own. This will give you more muscles to flex your plan of action to build your desired results.

Your second team should be comprised of people that possess the skills you lack but desire. This will always keep you hungry for growth and encourage you to move forward. It also will open doors for you in God’s timing.

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Kisses and cuddles!

Love, Ostara



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