Witch Way Is Up? 

Alot of people have asked me how a devout Christian woman turned a Witch?  And when I left witchcraft behind, many witches asked advice for themselves on  how to transition. 

Holy Spirit Goddess

Namely, most Christians are blissfully unaware that the Holy Spirit is the Mother aspect of God. It’s right there from beginning to end in Hebrew translation, and even in English, but because traditional religion preaches differently, it goes largely misunderstood and ignored. 

The ancient Hebrews have always worshipped God as male and female. The Bath Kol, daughter of the voice, Shekinah, RUACH ha KODESH are titles for the Holy Spirit and all designate a divine feminity. 

Mother God is the Waters of abundance, and Father God is the flames that burn up lack. The Holy Spirit being a sevenfold flame is not the same as Father God. She is the breath of life, a fire that is spirit, not a singular flame…hence Her greatest secret. 

Origination of Male Trinity

The Holy Trinity became all male after the Roman Catholicism took over the religion business. This is actually patterned after pagan Egyptian origination of the god Ra. 

Ra had three aspects, correlated with the three positions of the sun, morning, afternoon and evening. Thus, the sun was worshipped as Ra. All of this became syncretized by the Romans who worshipped Africans originally as God’s, and melded their history into their own. All of Roman mythology originated from Africa and Greece. 

Witchcraft Beginnings

Witchcraft has early originations in Africa. That is where herbs and crystals took on metaphysical and supernatural properties used for means other than medicinal. Crafting is definitely pagan, and is based on the belief that objects or herbs have power of their own. This is false. Medicinal properties yes, magical properties no. 

I denounced all workings of witchcraft because it is the opposite polarity of faith. Faith requires no substance but your heart submission to the creator. When you give your intentions and desires to God, through Jesus Christ, He empowers you with supernatural opportunities and manifestation of all that you need. This is far greater than any magical spell. 

Why I Chose Witchcraft

 I chose witchcraft because I had given up, felt utterly rejected and depressed. I thought it was fun, and empowering because I could physically showcase my faith, which gave me more reassurance, than prayer alone. Now I realize that this negated the power of my faith, by practicing witchcraft or divination. 

Like Glenda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz,”You had the power all along my dear.” 

The power of Christ through the Holy Spirit is all you need to live an abundant life. Prayer, meditation, studying the word of God, elevated me to the highest capacity of my innate anointing and abilities. A submitted life to Christ in all purity brought me closer to Mother God than Wicca ever did! 

I hope this gives you comfort and clarity as you seek your truth and identity in Spirit. May your New year shine bright like a diamond! 

I love you, Ostara 


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