Astral Travels to Heaven and Hell

Spiritual Places: Hell and Heaven are Real 

I’ve traveled to Heaven and Hell.  I don’t really like to talk about my experiences because most people will think I’m crazy. However, my journey to Heaven and Hell seem to echo other real life accounts.

Heaven Is a Vast Kingdom

Heaven is unending, there are several places and dimensions there. There are cities, schools, temples, gardens ( Eden was just one and it’s in Heaven not on Earth), and houses.

People also have transportation, which sounds weird, in certain parts, because not everyone is awakened to where they are at. Some people get stuck in between. That’s real. If you have limited thinking on Earth your experience in Heaven will parallel it.

I’ve traveled to Heaven several times in my dreams. I’ve also travelled there during worship experiences. These are the places I’ve been in briefly, too many to explainin a blog, buy my books.

Heavenly Kingdoms

1. Balcony of a Temple in the City of Lights

2. The Holy Throne Room of God

3. The Middle of the Sun with Jesus

4. The Garden of Eden

5. The Crystal River

6. The Kingdom Schools

7. The Hall of Records-your life stories

8. Pestering Angels at their Offices

9. The entry…recovery area…some people are kinda in shock when they die

10. And where I work up there. I am …hmm… I work in the Temple of Destiny. It’s where people go to figure out their purpose in their life on Earth. I am the Director, I guess you can call me. I help you figure out your mission here on Earth.

The Angels I’ve Met

1. Archangel Metatron-Entry Gate, sits on a podium with a big book…he’s huge..and is really Enoch. We knew each other in Israel.

2. Archangel Raziel- Stays in a big stuffy office surrounded by books mostly…his favorite place to write. He’s very wise, created math, science and surgery. But he’s super private and prefers to be alone creating things.

3. Archangel Michael-He’s everywhere, super busy….but we walk together…he’s very protective, like a police man over humans on earth, sorta, he keeps the peace.

4. Archangel Gabriel- Once when I was super depressed he came and healed me. As he was leaving I came into consciousness and caught him discussing what was wrong with my heart with the other angels. That healing inspired me to begin studying the Bible like a mad woman for hours a day.

Hell and Demons Are Real 

Traveling to Hell was not fun.  I was 26 years old, with one child. In a dream, I was actually kidnapped and  dragged to Hell against my will. I realize now it was because I had opened the gate with living in sin. At the time I was having sex outside of marriage, and was shocking up. The last best friend I’ve ever had, was living with me, and had her married boyfriend there too.

It was the beginning of Satan’s attempt at destroying my destiny. In truth, it’s where everything went off track for me. Up to that point I was a divorced woman with one child. I had been celibate for three years and saved. Then I met a man…a demonic oppressed man.

Demons and Hellfire

Demons are furry like beasts, or small and imp like hairless monkey type creatures. The big ones look like men or maybe close to a werewolf sorta. The little ones came and dragged me to Hell. They brought me to a large demon, who had chains to bind my hands. This was a dream, but it became a prophetic prelude, of my future trials and tribulations. Little demonic seeds often lead to huge torturous beasts in our lives!

The sexual depravity of my life at that time, which was unimaginable considering my former purity, also led to poverty. They both seized my future, and encroached upon my destiny like two hands throttling the life out of the glory of God in my life. That man, I embraced, brought a demonic destruction in my life that has taught me today one thing: the wrong life partner is a destiny killer. Choose wisely.

Demonic Descent

Sage is for spiritual cleansing

There are caves that burn unceasingly, actually more like small prisons cells, in Hell. There are bars of fire in front of them. I watched people scream in agony as the flames licked up and slowly inciderated their flesh like garbage.

Hair burned away from skulls, mouths stretched in screams, and skin boiled and blistered and sizzled. Then they would return whole, only for it to happen again and again. Yes…my loves….hell is real!!!

As I watched this in helpless horror, the demons shackled me on a stone altar that smelled like rotten eggs and was smeared with blood. He brandished a knife and pressed it against my swollen pregnant belly. He told me he was going to gut my destiny right out of me! See it was my future I was pregnant with, not a baby!

At this time in my life, at the age of 26, i knew nothing about demonic activity and spiritual gifts, and such. I didn’t even believe in ghosts. I went to church because my mom took me. I just wanted to fit in like other people my age and be cool. I was a late Bloomer. So all this stuff was shocking and confusing for me. I didn’t know I had gifts, or a spiritual destiny. I was completely asleep!

They terrified me for hours. I refused to scream, or give up,your or show my fear. Something inside me said, ” Be strong! Be brave! They can’t harm you!” The demon decided then to hang me from the ceiling with shackles.

Finally I noticed they could only terrify me but had no real power to touch me. I heard a voice whisper,”They really want to you have a miscarriage. They think if they terrify you, it will make you about your baby. You must protect your destiny!

Suddenly, I broke my own shackles, rose up declaring the word of God!!! I shone bright like an angel in complete divine power! The demons cowered and trembled in fear.

Suddenly Jesus broke in and moved the stone. He came running in  like Will Smith in Independence Day, scooped me up, and carried His bride home!  He brought me back, safe and sound.

I know this sounds hard to believe. But as I look back on this dream I had 19 years ago, it all makes sense. I have just walked through the most agonozing hellish experience of my life. The last two decades I’ve overcome sexual depravity which led me to marrying a felon and drug addict, poverty, obesity, and witchcraft; to become a Christian teacher of the Word of God!

I’ve come a million years away from who I was….but the Lions and bears I’ve killed with my slingshot have prepared me for the mantle I carry in sharing the gospel of Christ with you.

I love all of you, witches, pagans, psychics…all of you…because I was you. And whenever I teach or prophesy or heal, and I see your face, that’s me out there looking back.

Don’t let Satan trick you to believe he’s not real. There is a war in Heaven like you’ve never seen! I didn’t go into it, but I’ve even travelled to other planets. Please believe me, not every life force in the world means our good. Jesus Christ and His angel army will love and protect you! DON’T LOSE YOUR BABY! DON’T LOSE YOUR DESTINY!

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Love, Ostara

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