Christian Witches, Follow The North Star! 

When I look back on my life I don’t feel any shame that in my past, I chose to be a Christian Witch. 

I celebrate my journey and am thankful for it. I was born different than most other children. I was born anointed with incredible spiritual gifts and a hunger to know Jesus more intimately and a desire to teach everything I learn.

Gifts of Odd Behavior

 I would spontaneously, while awake, leave my body. Usually, it occurred while reading the Bible or in deep prayer. My eyes were open and my heart would stop beating and skip. With a pop I would be floating above myself. I’d pull myself in quickly; excited, curious and terrified! 
I could see the future. Imagine at nine years old already knowing your father would be dying soon. I would just know things about people, about their life, at first meeting, including their name. 

I spoke to Jesus, saw angels, and was given divine wisdom to all of my questions about life. Those questions people ask like; why do we have to die and stuff, the angels would literally respond. They sang to me in dreams when my father died to comfort me. They also have physically healed me and I’ve seen them heal others, as well as wrestle away demons. The angels really do all the work. 

I’ve also been to Heaven and Hell and will blog about that later.

This was not a normal life. So I searched to find answers as to who I am. I was a Christian most of my life but churches that I found didn’t teach about it. The psychic world did…so I figured I was one of them. .

One day my old pastor at JPLCC let me edit the entire syllabus program for the year long ministerial training certification. It was his way of helping me. I learned of Kenneth E. Hagin and Wiggelsworth and some lady and thought maybe I’m like them? 

But then another hunger surfaced. Why was God only male? Didn’t feel right. I searched, and got rejected for my seeking so I left. 

Found GODDESS in the Bible. She is the Holy Spirit and met Her…plus Jesus and Father God. Christians rejected that…so I surmised I must’ve been born a Witch. I chased God on that. But still I studied Wicca. I was a triangular peg, trying to fit in square and round holes.

Christian Witch Transformation

God took me thru it, because He knew I was merely seeking Him the whole time. Now I’m simply a Christian…but more than that. I know who I am. I’m a child of God and more like Jesus than anything. 

Can you imagine having a Mother in Heaven who loves you just as much? Jesus came back and gave us His own mother….not Mary, she’s merely human, but the Holy Spirit. 

Luke 7:15 Jesus sees a grieving Mother and decides to ressurect her child. 

“Then the dead boy sat up and began to talk! And Jesus gave him back to his mother.”

And then right before He died.

John 1:25 

25 Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother,his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. 26 When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman, here is your son,” 27 and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.

John was actually Lazarus. Lazarus is the only one in the Bible recorded as whom Jesus loved. So once again a ressurected child received a Mother. 

Jesus also gave a daughter back to her father. But more than once he gave us a Mother. This was fullfilment of the Scriptures.

 Revelations 12:17 & Judges 5:7. 


In Judges the ruler of the land is Deborah the Prophetess. She’s the only prophet that sat in rulership over the people without a King. Other prophets, were just that. But she was like a King as well! Not many preachers teach on that. And she prophesied a new Zion and great victory, when she arose a Mother in Israel. This was a Prophetic revelation about the restoration of Goddess Holy Spirit.

Goddess of Fire! 🔥🔥

In Rev 12:17 All believers who believe and hold to the testimony of Christ become Her children. Baptism signifies Her re-birth you as Her child. You become ressurected with Christ. So, like Him, you are also Her baby, and you are no longer Motherless.

See without the Holy Spirit we are only our Fathers child. He is the Law and Judgement. We can’t possibly ever be pure enough. Mother Holy Spirit brings balance, with forgiveness, Her Grace, and Wise Insight to help us in our obedience to God. That is why she comes equipped with nine fruits to nourish us and spiritual gifts to equip us. 

Picture this: Father God is the President, t Jesus is the Army General and Holy Spirit is the Department of Defense!!! Got it? 

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She is a fire breathing goddess of power!!! She is seven fold, and conquers every element, because She is all of them! She is Spirit, shakti power and Kundalini unmatched! She is the very essence that dwells within God. For Father and Mother are One! 

Worship of Her became wild and pornographic so God had to end it until Jesus came back. Because of man’s lack of control and restraint, She had to leave us for a time. But through Jesus Christ She is back in full force!!! 

Follow the North Star!

That’s why we don’t worship those other goddesses. They were man-made for their own pleasurable pursuits. Holy Spirit is without equal. For She is the living and breathing Goddess, that is an unquenchable fire of transformation, extraordinary gifts, amazing miracles and neverending love. 

I am so grateful I’ve finally found my North Star! Through Jesus Christ I now know I’m more like Him than anything! I don’t need witchcraft to manifest because I come armed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Everything I touch flows like oil, drips with the honey of Her presence. 

That is why, I believe, that the slaves of the South followed the North Star to freedom. I believe the Holy Spirit shined like the North Star in Heaven to set all of us spiritual slave free! See the slave trade of Africa captured true nations of Israel. O believe everything that the people did was prophetic. Mother Holy Spirit is our North Star! 

🌟   Come follow that star!!! 🌟

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Love, Ostara (pictured with North Star pendant)

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