Angel Manifestation


As you know I LOVE Angels!   I am a Barefoot Christian and Mystic Mama. I have a personal relationship with the Angelic kingdom, as well as all the elemental kingdoms of earth, which by the way, are governed by Angels. 

Angelic Preparation

 When I get up in the morning I am greeted with rainbows or sparkles of colored lights. This is how my Angels let me know they are with me.  As soon as I see them I become giddy with joy and always, always thank them for helping me start my day! 

I thank them for helping me pick out the right outfit, wear my hair the prettiest way and even do my make-up. Then I thank God and Goddess for abundant blessings of food, money, resources, health, helpful people and for their love and protection through the Holy Angels.

Angelic Declaration

  I declare that EVERYDAY is an ANGEL day!  And when I do that, miracles suddenly appear, sometimes ALL DAY LONG!  It’s very exciting!
I first discovered the world of wonderful Angel Magic on my birthday!  I mean, I have known about Angels all my life. I also study with Doreen Virtue in many of her Angel books.  

However, I did not totally understand how awesome and powerful they could really  bless my life.   I became more aware of Angels thanks to Ms. Virtue’s book Angel Therapy and her oracle cards.  Then on my birthday, a light went on in my soul, as the inspirational events unfolded before me!

Angel Encounters

It began early in the morning. I was on the phone with my mom and we planned my birthday afternoon together. Just a nice relaxing day, allowing the Angels to guide us on our adventures. My mom jokingly said, “It will be an Angel day.” She humors me alot whenever I talk about Angel numbers or my encounters with Angels, and this was her way of being sweet, albeit a bit cheeky, about my Angel talk.

  In the moment, I determined that yes, in fact, it would be and ANGEL DAY! And so I began calling my birthday, my Angel day instead. After all, my mom has always said that when she carried me in her womb she felt holy as if she was carrying an Angel, so the name fit in my happy-go-lucky opinion.

My mom picked me up from my house and treated me to a down home, good cookin’, big as a house omlet breakfast, complete with a side of hashbrowns, cheese grits and cold glass of orange juice.

 After we indulged, she said,”What next?”   Suddenly, I felt the urge to go to the little consignment shop down the street. I had never had time to venture in because I am always so busy.  We found really awesome hippie things for my house for bargain bottom prices and I collected many fantasticly, enchanting things!

Angel Manifestation

After that, we went to other wonderful lil’  quirky bargain shops where I found old and new friends, an awesome volunteer opportunity, and connections for my Angel tarot business!  

Afterwards, as I was kicking back at the park; I met two new Angel clients and I accidentally found a fantastic FREE sports program for children that I am very active in now!

So after that day, I decided that EVERY DAY will be an Angel Day! This is Angel Magick at it’s best! I have taught this to my coven and we are just amazed at how many miraculous blessings take place!  So here is simple how to steps for connecting with your Angels and manifesting a little Magick!

The Five Golden Rules for Angel Manifestation

1. Talk to your Angels as soon as you awake

2. Declare that today is an Angel Day

3. Give thanks to your Angels for even little things everyday

4. Learn more about how the stars affect your patterns of behavior, the Archangels, as well as all of your guardian Angels

5. Give praise to Father God and Goddess Holy Spirit everyday and remember they are the Source and Angels are their delivery specialists!

I know it seems very simple. And it is! However, we get so busy with our  life that it is so easy to overlook communicating with our Angels and expressing gratitude for their help as well as honor and appreciation to our Creators. Learning to take that time will bring blessed rewards and blessings every single day, even during the toughest times. Stay tuned for more Angel visualization tips, Angel candle prayers and more!

Love, Ostara 

angel candle

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