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Katherine Skaggs
Katherine Skaggs


Hi!  Welcome to The Good Angel Oracle Workshop

Would you like to learn how to become an Angel Oracle like me? 

Contact me at to receive an Angel Oracle reading, Life Coach program or to schedule a workshop for your store or group today!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to channel messages from Angels to help others, see spiritually into other realms, heal loved ones from sickness and mental stress, and change someone’s life? Maybe starting with your own?

 I am offering The Good Angel Oracle Course as a three weekend workshop or a three month Life Coaching on-line course. In this workshop or course you will receive Initiations to awaken and empower your Divine-Self and diminish the voice of Ego.

You will make your Divine God of Goddess crown, magical wand, vow and ritual to symbolize your Divine lineage. It is important to know that these trainings are life altering. You will see yourself and the world differently. Your psychic skills, gifts and talents will increase and new ones will surface. With each level you will build upon and delve deeper into God and Goddesses teachings, yet still remain on the spiritual path of your choice.

It is my belief Jesus Christ is a master teacher, no matter what your faith, you can learn, connect and grow with Him. As long as you believe in the power of Angels, and desire to manifest more magical giftings of the Holy Spirit Mother, then this course is FOR YOU!

In this workshop course of Becoming an Angel Oracle you learn how to apply the fruit of Knowledge and Wisdom to manifest the gifting and blessed teachings of many ascended masters, goddesses and angels much the same way I, Oprah, and many other light workers have found illumination.

Through Vibrant Love and Care of the Angel Oracle within, you will delve deeply into your sacred self, healing the fragments and aligning to the true power within.

You will work with the Angelic Kingdoms, the Light Fairies, Nature, Animal Medicine as well as the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Essence.

freyja_by_paintedflowers OSHUN GODDESS

All Wisdom is God-breathed from Angelic assistance and the Word of God through esoteric studies and meditation.

You will learn the secrets that every world famous Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet, Shaman and Healer knows.

You will discover that you too, can possess the indescribable joy and peace of being a service to humanity with teaching them the incredible gift of love, healing, inner strength, light and truth.

You are invited to sign up for my Angel Prophetess course and plug into a community of Angel Card Readers, Life Coaches, Spiritual teachers, Prophetesses and Oracles!

All spiritual beliefs,genders, backgrounds, races and life partner orientations are welcome! Especially perfect for those that blend spiritual paths of Christianity and Wicca or Universal Spiritual paths!

Become an Angel Oracle and work with the forces of Creation bringing heaven to earth. This profound training will change your life.

Be In Your Divine Power Now!

  • Develop your Psychic Awareness ·
    · Learn the Secret to the Law of Attraction
    ·Deepen your Connection to the Holy Spirit ·
    · Greatly increase your Confidence and Self Esteem ·
  • Learn how to protect and shield from Negative Energy
    · Understand your Unique Gifts, Talents and Abilities ·
    · Enhance Intuition, Healing and Manifestation Skills ·

This is a call to all men and women. It is time to carry the light through the Divine Masculine and Feminine, a seed that was planted long ago is now is ready to be birthed. You are emissaries of Divine Truth, Love and Peace. It is time to remember your reason for being, and awaken the Divine Feminine Essence buried inside the Divine Masculine of Creation that is within you.

Queen Bee of Balance
Queen Bee of Balance

Cost and Information

Angelic Oracle Initiate Training Level 1, 2,  and 3

Duration: Two days a month over a period of 3 months.
Additional obligations: A monthly follow up via email or phone and a one-hour skype or phone session  with Ostara Dawn  within the 3-month period.
Cost: $50.00 per level or $200.00 when paid in full, $75 for the one hour private session with Ostara.

*Supplies and books are not included.
Certification: You will receive certification for each level you complete. To receive certification all course requirements must be fulfilled. This is done by your attendance of all classes, completion of all homework assignments and a personal assessment at the end of your 6-month training. This is easily accomplished if you are committed to showing up and being present. Homework assignments are taken from the teachings we do in class. It could be a meditation, ritual or working with an element.
Make up classes: There are situations that are unavoidable. A course can be made up by scheduling a time to go over the material with Ostara. Lack of attendance and attention will be cause for dismissal. The Angel Oracle trainings are very sacred and create a holy dynamic within the group. It is important that we honor each other’s journey of self discovery and commitment.

Love, Ostara



 The following is a summary of what this course offers!            


Initiate One (Awakening the Goddess)


  • The Body’s Wisdom Awakening your Living Sacred temple ·
  • The High Priest and the Kingdom
  • The Holy Meditation and Life Purpose Visualization
  • The Two Hearts of the Goddess Vashti/Esther ·
  • Merging with your Higher Self and Inner Goddess ·
  • The Power of Prayer ·
  • The Law of Abundance & Magic Power of Your Word ·

Goddess Training of the Light


Initiate Two (Foundation of the God and Goddess)


  • How to get clear answers from the Holy Spirit ·
  • The Esther Beauty Rituals ·
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Gratitude, Love and Attraction ·
  • The Goddess Essentials ·
  • Becoming the Light/Letting go of Clutter ·
  • Word Energy ·
  • Numerology
  •  Fruits of the Spirit
  • Energy Awareness Seeing, Sensing, Working with and Transmuting Energy


Initiate Three (Becoming the Oracle)



  • The Magnificence of your Sacred Heart Release Traumas and Lessen Pain Applying this Method ·
  • Finding your voice
  • Practical Intuition/Guide to Clairvoyance·
  • Energetic Boundaries ·
  • Herbs, Oils, and Crystals ·
  • Discovering Animal Medicine and your Totems ·
  • The Priestess Herbs ·
  • Healing with Crystals
  • Gaia/Earth Mother Reconnection ·
  • Energy Awareness and Psychic Protection
  • The Three Mary’s
  • Mother Mary’s Sacred Heart Initiation ·

ANGEL ORACLE Initiate Three (Becoming the High Priest or Priestess)


  • The Angels of Life Consciously working with the Angels  to Manifest
  • How to use the Pendulum ·
  • Making a Healing Wand ·
  • Dream Interpretation ·
    -Higher Realm Healing ·
    -Working with the Goddess Rays 
    -Priest/Priestess as a Healer ·
    -Ceremony, Ritual and Transformation ·
    -Teaching and Healing ·
    Crowning Ceremony as a Priest or Priestess 





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    i’m so loving what you share ❤ thank you for being you dear!

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