Jesus Versus Goddess Artemis: Who Wins? 

I was studying the bible today before working out like I do mostly every morning and came across a battle, in the Word, that took place between the people that worshipped Goddess Artemis and followers of Christ with Apostle Paul.  What I noticed was that the beginning of Acts 19 talks about how Paul baptized…

Witchy Samhain Fun! 

So I stopped at the local Simply Halloween store on the University of Florida campus. I fell in love with the displays and had some wicked campy fun.  I found some tutus!!! I was so excited. I love the Harajuku Kawaii type of fashion the teens in Tokyo wear but its hard to come by…

Walk By Faith With Ostara In Gatorville! 

My daughter Tatiana and I decided to take a stand against police brutality and the death of innocent lives. We took our city by force in prayer!  Today I turned 44 years old. As I thought about the amazing transformation that my life has grown through; I contemplated what I could do that would make…

Miss Goodwitch’s Mayhem

Hi there! I talk alit about Witchy stuff but I want to share with you my life. I’m a single mom if four kids. And we all have Autism to some degree so we are goofballs!   Had some fun with the kids last night. Went to 2nd and Charles then Satchels Pizza in my town,…

How To Practice Christian Witchcraft

As a Christian Witch, Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of my faith but God is the building and Mother Goddess Holy Spirit is the Kingdom! I have a magickal good time in nature and my garden with my fairies. I ride dragons in my meditations and meet fantastical people such as the Wizard Merlin who taught me shape shifting and the responsibility of magick. I also have been given many gifts by my spirit guides, sat in the middle of the sun with Maitreya and met His Rainbow Bride, met many goddesses, and was given beautiful gifts by each one. Including the flaming sword of truth by Archangel Michael and a white robe of righteousness by Jesus Christ.

Goddess of Witches & Christians

I am a woman who calls herself a Witch and a Christian. I have tried to deny the Witch part several times, because it can be so hard in my Christian faith to be accepted as such. But I can not deny the truth of who I am! I am a Christian Witch, so be it!

Stop The Violence: Witches Walk By Faith For Terence Crutcher

I am just a single mom with two autistic children. My oldest daughter and I are going to take this walk by faith for our family, my sons, our community and the innocent slain all over the world. I have invited my community but even if it is just her and I we are going to walk the 7.5 miles to the courthouse to pray and distribute food to the homeless. everyone can do SOMETHING! The power and anointing of one person can availeth much! Will you walk with me?

Sexual Healing: True Confessions Of My Twin Flame Passion

***FREE TAROT VIDEO FOR TWIN FLAME AIR SIGNS IN OCTOBER*** When your eyes meet, the feeling is like a bright burst of sunlight that sparks between each other. It is like for a minute, especially if you are not prepared for it, everything else in the room w… Source: Sexual Healing: True Confessions Of My…

Goddess Oshun: Queen of Love &Glorious Queen of Witchcraft

As I began my journey from male centered Christianity to the Goddess, and then subsequently to Wicca and then the craft; I decided that I would not craft spells until I knew for sure why herbs were… Source: Goddess Oshun: Queen of Love &Glorious Queen of Witchcraft

A Little Girl’s Fairytale: Warrior Witch, Healer of Love and Hero Of Man

Twin flames are often faced with tumultuous circumstances in their relationship. Often one of them runs while the other, spiritually awakened, suffers the most intense and isolating pain imaginable. It is not something the twin does capriciously though. And a call for compassion is in order. The runner is also fighting a battle of his own. He is busy slaying the demons of his past relationships, childhood and self-esteem.